Maga Yoga

Maga Yoga

wtorek, 6 stycznia 2015

Guardian Angel

I promise you my little girl,
There is nobody in this world able to hurt you.
As long as I live
I will protect you.
I watch you when you sleep, 
When you walk,
Eat, lough, love, dance ...

It always moves me when I see your struggles,
Your tensed face, your emotions written
All over your skin, muscles of your face contracted,
Movements of your toes, fingers, your precious breath
Going in and out, in and out 
Just like my wings flapping ...
I love you when you cry, when you are scared, 
Lonely, uncertain, like a new born butterfly 
Dancing in the wind with it's fragility.

You are a living perfection, manifestation of love,
You are my most guarded treasure, 
Golden Star.
Just a single thought
"How much
I love you"
Makes me cry.

I am your angel
Painted with your own blood, sweat, heat of your holy body
Which smells like roses.
I am the knowledge of your true nature.
In your bright eyes
I see a child, a woman, an old person.
They are like endless lakes, 
Pure, innocent, always true.

Rest in my arms child
Stop struggling

Galya Zilko

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